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Simple harsh musiciant from the harshest city of Russia. Meloman, with the big imaginary, but with so big simplicity.

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Russia, c. Chelyabinsk

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CHGangBoy05's News

Posted by CHGangBoy05 - 12 days ago

My guys, what is this? Activity again was fall down. My dear, you're sad me again.

Posted by CHGangBoy05 - 1 month ago

How you're think? (Как вы думаете?)


Posted by CHGangBoy05 - 1 month ago

Я немного подумал и решил немного уразнообразить свой контент. Я решил посвятить сей пост ответам на ваши вопросы, мои дорогие подписчики и гости моего аккаунта! С удовольствием отвечу на все вопросы, даже на глупые. Задавайте!)))

Posted by CHGangBoy05 - December 28th, 2020

Guys, I can't understand, what's happened? I'd look on my last tracks and really was downhearted. The auditions there were fall down in the ass! Earlier for the one day I could to see that my some random track listened more 50 human! What's now? For the one day my tracks can't to listen even by 10 human! I don't understand the reason of this non-activity! Say me it in the comments, please!

Posted by CHGangBoy05 - October 25th, 2020

Holy shit! I'm just shocked at the growing popularity of my latest work. Even after some minutes after the release of 20 auditions, the next day, after about 10 hours - more than 500, and today more than a thousand! Fucking easy! I'd like to know what this surge in popularity is all about. Because I can't explain it myself! Fuck, just turn out the lights.


Posted by CHGangBoy05 - October 9th, 2020

Everything is super-duper! What exactly? Yes, the fact that now I have an account on the music platform Spotify. Here I'll leave a link to a playlist that you can go to and download something from there. Come in, listen and have fun yopta! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1zZXcUd9tUUA5M82satExz?si=e3HLKzJoRgWaUVJOq7zFyw



Posted by CHGangBoy05 - September 22nd, 2020

You know, my dear friends, the situation on my account now has surprised me unpleasantly. I remember that I used to collect good activity on each of my tracks, but on Overmind you just organized a nuclear attack from auditions. And now what? New tracks don't even get hundreds of auditions. I'm not accusing you of being so passive, I'm just curious to know what it's all about. Maybe I'm tired of such a frequent release of soundtracks, maybe I lied about the rare release of tracks, maybe you're just tired of my works. In any case, I continue to work and bring joy to all of you, friends.

Posted by CHGangBoy05 - August 7th, 2020

Now the soundtracks I release here will have strict legal protection. If you intend to use any of my soundtracks in your project, whether it's a video, game, or podcast, please write to me in your Personal messages. I think you know how to do this. If I let you, you'll have to pay for this case first. We will discuss the amount for using the track on the spot. Thank you for being with me!)))

Posted by CHGangBoy05 - July 31st, 2020

Now I have a good new: my troubles with submittion of my music did go to zero. Soon I'll be back with the new works.

Posted by CHGangBoy05 - July 31st, 2020

My dear friends, fans and listeners. Due to the fact that I can't release any of the soundtracks I've made, I'm taking a break from my account. It will continue until I find out why. Perhaps the problem is connecting the site to me. In any case, thank you for having me!)